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Johnny V.
Guitar, lead and backing vocals

Johnny came to us from a small town in southern Minnesota, where the prairie is long and the sheep are nervous. He started playing guitar when he was 15 because he got caught drinking and his mother grounded him for 6 weeks. After high school, he moved to the Twin Cities to play college football. The next year ( torn ligaments SUCK!), Johnny left college for the open road. Ahhh, the band life...roach infested band houses, Ramen noodles with crackers, and lot's of freakin beer. Palace was good enough to let a 19 year old kid come in and prove himself.

Stay tuned for the next installment of "As the V turns"...

Gear: Fender, Hamer, Ibanez, Gibson, and Ovation guitars; GHS Boomer and John Pearse strings; Sabine rack tuner; Fuhrman power; Line 6 POD Pro; Peavey power amplification; wireless system and mics by Shure. Blackberry Brandy by Leroux (Polish Power!)
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